Tips for Both Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents

Infertile individuals and couples are likely to consider surrogacy as the perfect way for conception.  Surrogacy in Russia is legal and for many Russian women, any woman can be a mother although she did not give birth to a child. True parenthood is about loving, raising, teaching and preparing a child for their own lives. Here are some tips for surrogate parenthood.

Tips for Surrogates

  • Read everything carefully- Surely, it is not easy to give up a child; however, surrogates should realize there will be some contact afterwards. Surrogates must ensure that this is stipulated in the contract. Also, the written contract must have all their other wishes.
  • Let the intended parents sign a confidentiality agreement-This agreement allows a surrogate mother to quote it if necessary.
  • Think about extra embryos-It is important to know the number of embryos to be transferred and the grade. Educating one’s self is important preparation. In case you do not wish to undergo a reduction, do not allow them to transfer extra embryos.
  • Avoid making decisions when taking fertility drugs- After starting fertility medications, you should not be making any important decision. Consider hiring a lawyer who will stand up for you instead of one who will represent both parties.
  • Be ready for opinions- Each person has an opinion and this can be often negative. A number of people may say something about how surrogacy plays God. In fact, they may even accuse you of selling your baby. Therefore, look for individuals who truly understand surrogate motherhood.

Tips for Intended Parents

  • Accept the fact that you really need help- Although you find your infertility an unfair part of your life, surrogacy provides you a way for having a biological child. Also, it is not fair that a number of conventional couples deal with infertility.
  • Be yourself- Never put on an act if you meet your surrogate. Just make sure you do not offend her.
  • Relax, you are a mother! Surely, you cannot relax for around twenty years. Be thankful! Thank the nurse, the doc tor and the surrogate mother although everything is going on with her. The great fact is that the child is for you so just be grateful and show it!
  • Allow the doctors to do their job. Remember that you trusted the body the surrogate to get pregnant so believe in this. Although you are in control, always ask the surrogate mother what she really wants and if there is no problem if you step in.