Do You Really Want a Future Proof Phone?

It’s the ideal mobile device; waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof, shatter proof, but most importantly – future proof. All of this wrapped up in one elegant device that you are proud to show the world you own. And while current (and likely future) promotions advertise a few of these features in a range of devices, not one device seems to be the Master-of-them-all.

Of course, if you need this sort of protection, there are many covers available online at the Groupon Coupons page for overstock that can give you future-proof protection with stylish design. But if you hold your breath before every mobile device launch waiting for this device, it’s time to start pinning your hopes on something more realistic. And here’s why.

The role of a mobile device manufacturer such as Samsung or Apple is to generate profits. Full stop. While their profits may come from innovation, design, and quality craftsmanship, the purpose remains the same: generate ongoing company profits.

In that sentence is the most crucial word of them all – ongoing.

With this in mind, consider the consumer behavior that would surround a truly future proof phone.

You buy it. Once. You never need a new one. Ever.

That’s it. Simple, but that’s it. And as appealing as it is for an ordinary device user, it doesn’t exactly smack of ongoing profits. This leaves little desire for a device manufacturer to create and distribute such a device.

And while on the surface, the level of profit which a company makes may seem trivial for a consumer, it’s important to remember that the style changes and innovation that consumers have come to expect from mobile devices are actually fuelled and paid for by a company’s ongoing profits.

And there it is. Without ongoing company profits, innovation stops. Without innovation, the future proof phone truly does become future proof, because there aren’t any further technological developments being created to make it obsolete. This is future proof gone full circle; where the actual product makes itself future proof because the very product prevents future development.

Is it the most appealing pill to swallow? Not at all. But is it not only a reality but a necessity in the world of mobile devices? Absolutely.