What funeral plan is right for you?

Selecting the appropriate funeral plan for you or a loved one can be a very important choice to make.  Funerals are not cheap and it can be a shock when a loved one passes away where you may not have the correct level of funds put away.  If you put money away for your own funeral then this is a way to ensure that the burden of finding money is not put on your immediate family and everything is taken care of.  There are many different companies out there that offer these sort of services and if you are considering this option then take some time out to go on the internet and explore funeral plans to see what options are there for you.  Here are some guidance points on how to choose a funeral plan:

  • What are you looking for in the funeral?  A lot of people have a clearly defined type of funeral that they want which may include big venues, different religious elements or specific activities that was close to them.  Even the cost of a casket is very expensive depending on the type you want.  A lot of the time people define these exact requirements in a Will document however in advance a lot of the personal requests are given to the funeral company direct.
  • Monthly payment plans?  Depending on what you are looking for, you can set up monthly payment plans in advance in order to get the overall cost covered.  These can be worked out directly with the funeral director company.  This doesn’t have to be the way you pay this – if you have the money, you could choose to pay this lump sum in advance.
  • Shop around – Believe it or not there are many different companies out there that will quote specifically for you like a comparison site.  Generally you need to define to them exactly what you are looking for and they will give you a list of prices back.  A lot of the time, this is easier to be communicated via phone or even in person if you get a company that you are happy with.  Communicating via email can sometimes get lost in translation and the specifics and detail you are looking for may be better conveyed in person.
  • Reviews – The internet is a very powerful source of information a good to get reviews on specific companies.  You can use this to get customer reviews of specific companies and their star rating.  In addition to this, sometimes word of mouth goes a long way.  When people have had a good, reasonable, high quality service for a loved one from a funeral director company, they will recommend to others.  Ask your family and friends.
  • Additional family members – Although generally people have funeral plans for themselves they can do this for their family members.  They may wish to do this as a whole package i.e. their spouse and children so that this is a worry no-one ever needs to have.

Selecting the Appropriate Windsock for your use

Generally when people think of windsocks they have a filtered view of this orange cone looking shape flying from a large pole in the direction of the wind.  This may be true however there are lots of different types of windsocks that you need to be aware of for different types of reasons.  Clearly the size, quality and costs of these will vary throughout therefore before making a purchase for this product type we highly recommend that you shop around the internet and look at different sellers.  Here are some of our observations of types:

Economy Windsock

Although these will vary in quality these are more suited for temporary use.  Generally these are water repellent and snap on to the pole.  Perfect for maybe a temporary air show event or similar.  The price of one of these is generally around £50 – £80.

Premium Economy Windsock

These are made with 200gsm of polyurethane wit really awesome quality and resistant tear strength.  They are also 100% water resistant.  These are designed for permanent use and durability plays an important factor here.  This windsock is suitable for almost any aviation event and has a harness type snap on option for ease of use and detachment.  The price of these is typically around £70- £100 each.

There are many additional Windsocks for sale online where you can see a comprehensive list of what is on offer.

Before making any purchase we recommend the following:

  • You avoid sites like Amazon and Ebay.  Have a read of the customer reviews in these sites connected to Windsock sales.  If you are looking at Ebay and second hand ones then be very careful to ensure that the seller is selling good quality.  Some of these items are subject to tearing and damage therefore you could end up receiving a faulty gift.  If you have looked at Amazon then be sure not only to read the customer reviews but also the hidden charges connected to shipping these to your home address.  These sometimes heavy and large items which could lead to some excessive delivery charges.  Amazon sometimes does not advertise this well and its only when you are going to pay for your item, you will see some additional money added for the courtesy of getting this delivered to your home or work address.
  • Shop around – We suggest that once you have scoped out exactly what you are looking for that you shop around and see what differs in prices and quality.  There are many retailers where customer reviews are readily available in order for you to get some additional feedback.
  • Guarantee – Whether or not you are buying this item from brand new or used or from Amazon or a manufacturer, you should take special care to read the terms and conditions of sale connected to faulty goods.  This would also include any Windsock that got damaged far too quickly once you have erected it to the pole.

Image: Pixabay

Tips for Car MOT Awareness

When it is time for your car to go for a MOT, it’s important you are aware of the regulations around this that are in place to protect you and your safety.  Not having full awareness of this could land you in a spot of trouble and some hefty fines.  We have pulled together some of the information that we think is relevant for you.

MOT Pricing

Did you know that there are maximum amounts anyone can charge you to complete your MOT?  At the time of writing this article the maximum amount for a car is £54.85 and for a bike £29.65.  No person or garage is legally allowed to charge more than this amount.  Additional charges may be added to this that would include things like services, cleaning etc.  These additional charges can increase the charge quite significantly to maybe several hundred pounds.  Don’t be caught up in this though and be sure to shop around.  So if your desire is to have a MOT and service included as a package make sure to browse the internet and get the best price.  There are garages such as Windmill Garage – Waterlooville that offer competitive prices and services.

MOT requirement

You can check out if your MOT is required or not by checking out the government website and entering in your car registration plate.  It’s is crucial that you are aware of this as if you miss this deadline then you will be liable for a £1,000 fine.  In addition if you are to drive a vehicle that is deemed to be unsafe the maximum penalty can be £2,500 fine plus penalty points on your drivers licence.  In order to help remind you as to when your MOT is due, you can register at the government website your telephone number and email.  Well before the due date they will send you an email and text message giving you greater control over this and avoiding a potentially heft fine.


If your car fails its MOT then it is important to realise the details of why.  Some garages unfortunately do not have a great reputation when it comes to MOTs and will want repairs completed on your car in order to make money from the completion of this task.  When finding a garage to do the MOT ensure that they are fully approved (the 3 triangles logo is a signal of approval) but also that they issue you with a certificate indicating the approval or failure details.  If it has failed you will have time to get these repairs done (as long as these are not safety critical).  We fully recommend that you use this time to shop around and get the best deal from a reputable dealer as some MOT garages will be complacent and quote high prices as your car is already with them.  Generally the dearest garages will be ones connected to the brand i.e. specific Ford, Audi etc garages.  Also ensure that for any repairs you are aware of the warranty conditions connected to them.

Hidden Benefits of Trampolining

Trampolining can not only be fun but have some great health benefits.  It’s something that you may not have thought about because it is an enjoyable activity – but we have listed some of them below.  There are other advantages to this as well which we have mentioned. So, if you aren’t already trampolining – you may want to start.

Improve your Cardiovascular Health

Trampolining is kind of an aerobic exercise, it can have great cardiovascular health benefits.  This means that in terms of this type of exercise as opposed to jogging, you need more oxygen to move.  As you are moving up and down regularly and on a surface that is flexible – this means you are also less likely to get any injuries on your knees, ankles or hips.

It Helps with Co-ordination and Coordination

This is particularly beneficial for children.  If they don’t have great coordination – this is probably one of the best things that they can do including cycling.  If they do it regularly – you should see a change fairly quickly.  There are some great trampoline parks out there that will make the experience fun for them.  The are less expensive than you would think, and it could end up a fun day out.

It Builds Confidence

If you have a child that can be a little shy when it comes to sporting activities, then trampolining can be a great start to building that confidence.  It is less intimidating as other sporting activities such as football, or tennis – so a good way to introduce kids to sport.  It can end up being a motivation to get them more involved in sports in general.

It’s a Fun Form of Exercise

Exercising is something that a lot of people dread.  But trampolining is a little different.  It’s an exercise that you are more likely to enjoy and stick with.  Research also shows that when people perceive a physical activity as exercise they are more likely to eat more after they have finished.  This is usually because they are less satisfied after their workout is done and more tired.  Since people view trampolining as a fun activity – they are likely to eat less.

Better Bone Density

Bouncing on a trampoline regularly is strenuous – and can put your bones under small amounts of repeated pressure.  Every bounce you do is equal to twice that of gravity.  This means that over time it will strengthen your bones and decrease the risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis or brittle bone disease.

As you can see there are lots of benefits of trampolining and no doubt some of them you haven’t thought of before. If you didn’t already have an activity to enjoy, or you are looking to get your child involved in more sports – then try a trampoline!

Image: Pixabay