Advantages of Quality Taxi Services in London

Gone are the days when you needed to rely on the famous traditional London Taxi’s to get you from A to B.  With many different types of reliable transport systems in London it is probably one of the best in the world.  You have the subways, buses, trains, taxis and even bike hire options.  In order to make travel on the road a little more efficient for users of public transport and taxis you will notice that London has got lots of bus and taxi lanes.  Effectively that means that they are the only people that can use these and it helps get these methods of transport around a lot quicker.  In addition, London has a congestion charge zone in the centre and outskirts – effectively this is a drive to reduce congestion and pollution and encourage people to use alternative types of transport rather than their own personal car (and if you do, you will be charged quite significantly for going into one of these zones).

Taxis still seem the traditional way of travelling for a lot of people and depending on where you are going, this is a good efficient cost effective way of doing so.  The mistake a lot of people make though in London is that they use the traditional London “black taxis”.  With lots of these around sitting in taxi ranks, it’s a clear easy way to get transport quickly however if you know your journey in advance then we recommend you don’t use this service.  The main reason is around cost.  Using these types of taxis in London are extremely expensive.

Pre-Book Taxis

There are many different taxi companies in London where you can book it in advance and they will collect you and take you to your destination however understanding which ones to use can sometimes be mind boggling.   We came across Green Tomato Cars that is a London based quality taxi company that has some really excellent reviews.  Here are some of the attractions of this company:

  • Zero Emissions – This company really does care about the environment and boasts to have the largest fleet of low and zero emission cars (over 600). Clearly with more people now thinking about the environment and the steps they are taking on their carbon footprint, this is a good sales pitch from them.
  • On time appointments – On their homepage they quote a 98% on time appointment statistic. For a city as large as London with so much unpredictable traffic, this is certainly a figure to be proud of.
  • Wi-fi – In all of their cars, they have Wi-Fi capability.
  • Charity – They regularly give money each year to different charities.
  • Tree Planting – To keep with their ethical policy on carbon footprint, they plant 200 trees a year in places such as parks in the local area.
  • Prices – Their prices are very competitive, and you can get the price of your journey before you depart from their website

Image: Pixabay