Mercedes benz latest models

Mercedes benz traces its history all the way back to Karl Benz this man was the creator of the first petrol powered vehicle which in its time was a revolutionary thing, the vehicle was called the “Benz patent motorwagen” this vehicle was patented in 1886 ever since these miraculous beginnings the mercedes benz corporation has been striving forward on and on, on a march towards excellence they have pushing the envelope since day one. Mercedes benz has stayed true to themselves from the get go, just like their motto says “the best or nothing” and truly they have been working towards this they have stayed true to themselves and throughout their rich history they have made more innovations to the modern vehicle than any other company. Those changes that they have made have become features that are now considered standard in most automotive vehicles. Since the beginning mercedes benz has been known for their high quality vehicles and the durability that these have.

Now some of mercedes benz’s latest models available for mercedes benz are the new 2017 mercedes benz AMG GT S with navigation this model comes with, a V8 engine, it’s got a standard 7 speed automatic shifter, a rear wheel drive drivetrain average miles per gallon are 22 miles in the highway and 16 in the city. Another good new option is the 2017 mercedes-benz C class C63 this sedan comes equipped with an AMG 6.2 liter V8 SMPI DOHC 32 V, it has an excellent 7 speed automatic transmission as well as a rear wheel drive drivetrain, this particular model of mercedes benz gets 24 miles per hour on the highway and about 18 miles per gallon in the city. These are just two of the new kinds of vehicles that are being offered at the mercedes benz of the woodlands but don’t forget that at the mercedes benz of the woodlands they don’t just offer new mercedes benz vehicles they also have a part in reselling used or preowned mercedes benz vehicles so if you’re looking to get a mercedes benz you should seriously consider them and their prices are both fair and affordable.

The reason why you should choose the mercedes benz of the woodlands is that their dedicated staff truly are experts and knowledgeable of anything mercedes benz related and on top of that their inventory is always well stocked with new and popular models of mercedes benz. Remember that if you wish to take advantage of the safety repair options at the mercedes benz of the woodlands that is always an option.. Mercedes benz vehicles are luxury vehicles and as such their repairs can be quite costly on account they have to be imported luckily for you if you get one of the safety packages that the mercedes benz of the woodlands offers you can curb some of that price especially on vehicle maintenance, you can also cut on repair costs. So remember if you need to purchase a new or preowned mercedes benz vehicle you should contact the mercedes dealership of the woodlands.