Tips for Car MOT Awareness

When it is time for your car to go for a MOT, it’s important you are aware of the regulations around this that are in place to protect you and your safety.  Not having full awareness of this could land you in a spot of trouble and some hefty fines.  We have pulled together some of the information that we think is relevant for you.

MOT Pricing

Did you know that there are maximum amounts anyone can charge you to complete your MOT?  At the time of writing this article the maximum amount for a car is £54.85 and for a bike £29.65.  No person or garage is legally allowed to charge more than this amount.  Additional charges may be added to this that would include things like services, cleaning etc.  These additional charges can increase the charge quite significantly to maybe several hundred pounds.  Don’t be caught up in this though and be sure to shop around.  So if your desire is to have a MOT and service included as a package make sure to browse the internet and get the best price.  There are garages such as Windmill Garage – Waterlooville that offer competitive prices and services.

MOT requirement

You can check out if your MOT is required or not by checking out the government website and entering in your car registration plate.  It’s is crucial that you are aware of this as if you miss this deadline then you will be liable for a £1,000 fine.  In addition if you are to drive a vehicle that is deemed to be unsafe the maximum penalty can be £2,500 fine plus penalty points on your drivers licence.  In order to help remind you as to when your MOT is due, you can register at the government website your telephone number and email.  Well before the due date they will send you an email and text message giving you greater control over this and avoiding a potentially heft fine.


If your car fails its MOT then it is important to realise the details of why.  Some garages unfortunately do not have a great reputation when it comes to MOTs and will want repairs completed on your car in order to make money from the completion of this task.  When finding a garage to do the MOT ensure that they are fully approved (the 3 triangles logo is a signal of approval) but also that they issue you with a certificate indicating the approval or failure details.  If it has failed you will have time to get these repairs done (as long as these are not safety critical).  We fully recommend that you use this time to shop around and get the best deal from a reputable dealer as some MOT garages will be complacent and quote high prices as your car is already with them.  Generally the dearest garages will be ones connected to the brand i.e. specific Ford, Audi etc garages.  Also ensure that for any repairs you are aware of the warranty conditions connected to them.