Three Big Tech Trends to Watch for in Business

By Hagal Adam
On February 23, 2017 At 8:58 am

Category : Business

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It is no secret that technology has transformed businesses big and small. The digital revolution has happened and it is making huge changes in all our businesses from how we work and communicate to how we sell and distribute what we create. It doesn’t really matter if you are a business that sells a service or if you are a manufacturer of rotary shaft seal products. When it comes to tech trends, everyone needs to pay attention because it is going to affect your bottom line. Here are the big trends we think will make everyone sit up and pay attention in the coming year.

Learning to Adapt

As more changes come down the pike at a faster rate than ever, being able to pivot with these changes is going to be the one thing that can make or break many companies. While the digital revolution may mean that many things we once did by hand are handed over to machines, it is more then that. How our customers interact with us, and how we use that interaction to be better at what we do is going to count as well.

The digital age of new technology means that for many businesses it will require a new philosophy about business as much as a new way of doing business. Changing with the times, shifting your focus when your customers give you feedback online and responding to changes in attitude about what you offer are all part of the new way of doing business. Are you ready for it?

Our Changing Workforce

With the advent of remote working, more and more companies are learning that they either embrace this new way of working or get out of the way for those who will. In Vancouver, the new office is smaller and mostly shared desks with most of the workers in outlining towns where rent is cheaper. For most, they only come into the office once a week or so for meetings. Flex time is the new time and it means that offices can forgo big expensive office space and instead have satellite offices out where their workers live.

While there will always be some businesses, such as retail, that cannot have remote workers, even that is changing. As the web takes on more and more of our business organization, do we really need hordes of white collar workers clogging the highways and drinking coffee in cubicles? They could do that at home, be more efficient and even have fewer sick days off because they can be home with their families more. Companies that see this as a boon instead of a problem will gain from this shift.

Big Data and Big Changes

The emergence of huge amounts of data because of the internet has meant a big change for many businesses as well. The ability to use this mountain of data to your advantage through applied analytics can make or break many businesses. The truth is, if you can’t see a way to make this an advantage for you, your competition will.

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