Why Hire a Car Service for Your Company

Providing company cars is still a popular incentive in many businesses today. This is in spite of the costs involved with such an investment. There are many companies that rely on a fleet of vehicles to transport staff and employees to business meetings, client visits, and other related activities.

Marketing and sales companies also need to provide employees with a car so that they can conveniently travel from one location to another. Even if providing a car to employees seems like the most obvious solution, there are other alternatives that offer the same benefits, if not better.

When is it absolutely necessary?

A company car can be a valuable incentive for employees that have been with the company for some time. For staff members with a family, this incentive can be an excellent benefit that will ensure employee loyalty. Nevertheless, there should be prudence in using this as a reward for employees because it can add to more liability on the side of the employee as well as the company.

For sales agents, it is absolutely necessary to have a personal car that can be used to travel with convenience. This is one instance when providing a company car for an employee is absolutely necessary. When it comes to infrequent travel, it may be more beneficial to consider another option such as hiring a professional car service for the company.

Why hire a car service for your company

Aside from saving on the cost of acquisition and maintenance, hiring a car service has additional benefits for businesses:

  • It helps with the image of the company. This depends on the type of car service you will get for your company. You can get a fleet of high-end vehicles from Green Tomato Car Service to transport staff to and from their travel destinations. With a professional looking car service, the image of your company is also boosted.
  • Staff can travel in comfort. With a professional car service, your employees can travel comfortably and not have to worry about navigating through traffic. They can sit and prepare for a client meeting whilst the chauffeur does what is necessary to get them there on time.
  • Convenient and efficient form of travel. Your staff will not have to worry about being late to any meetings anymore. A reliable car service is always ready and on time to pick them up and drive them to their destination. It also eliminates the inconvenience of having to hail a taxi or book a ride-sharing service during rush hour.
  • Hassle-free and stress-free travel. For a busy employee, the last thing they want to worry about is how to get to a business meeting on time. When you have deadlines to meet, having a car service relieves the additional stress of travel.

There are other factors to consider when hiring a car service for a business, certainly, you need to look into the needs of the company as well. Nonetheless, if you want to save on the cost of buying vehicles for your employees, a reliable car service is the way to go.

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Advantages of Quality Taxi Services in London

Gone are the days when you needed to rely on the famous traditional London Taxi’s to get you from A to B.  With many different types of reliable transport systems in London it is probably one of the best in the world.  You have the subways, buses, trains, taxis and even bike hire options.  In order to make travel on the road a little more efficient for users of public transport and taxis you will notice that London has got lots of bus and taxi lanes.  Effectively that means that they are the only people that can use these and it helps get these methods of transport around a lot quicker.  In addition, London has a congestion charge zone in the centre and outskirts – effectively this is a drive to reduce congestion and pollution and encourage people to use alternative types of transport rather than their own personal car (and if you do, you will be charged quite significantly for going into one of these zones).

Taxis still seem the traditional way of travelling for a lot of people and depending on where you are going, this is a good efficient cost effective way of doing so.  The mistake a lot of people make though in London is that they use the traditional London “black taxis”.  With lots of these around sitting in taxi ranks, it’s a clear easy way to get transport quickly however if you know your journey in advance then we recommend you don’t use this service.  The main reason is around cost.  Using these types of taxis in London are extremely expensive.

Pre-Book Taxis

There are many different taxi companies in London where you can book it in advance and they will collect you and take you to your destination however understanding which ones to use can sometimes be mind boggling.   We came across Green Tomato Cars that is a London based quality taxi company that has some really excellent reviews.  Here are some of the attractions of this company:

  • Zero Emissions – This company really does care about the environment and boasts to have the largest fleet of low and zero emission cars (over 600). Clearly with more people now thinking about the environment and the steps they are taking on their carbon footprint, this is a good sales pitch from them.
  • On time appointments – On their homepage they quote a 98% on time appointment statistic. For a city as large as London with so much unpredictable traffic, this is certainly a figure to be proud of.
  • Wi-fi – In all of their cars, they have Wi-Fi capability.
  • Charity – They regularly give money each year to different charities.
  • Tree Planting – To keep with their ethical policy on carbon footprint, they plant 200 trees a year in places such as parks in the local area.
  • Prices – Their prices are very competitive, and you can get the price of your journey before you depart from their website

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Tips for Car MOT Awareness

When it is time for your car to go for a MOT, it’s important you are aware of the regulations around this that are in place to protect you and your safety.  Not having full awareness of this could land you in a spot of trouble and some hefty fines.  We have pulled together some of the information that we think is relevant for you.

MOT Pricing

Did you know that there are maximum amounts anyone can charge you to complete your MOT?  At the time of writing this article the maximum amount for a car is £54.85 and for a bike £29.65.  No person or garage is legally allowed to charge more than this amount.  Additional charges may be added to this that would include things like services, cleaning etc.  These additional charges can increase the charge quite significantly to maybe several hundred pounds.  Don’t be caught up in this though and be sure to shop around.  So if your desire is to have a MOT and service included as a package make sure to browse the internet and get the best price.  There are garages such as Windmill Garage – Waterlooville that offer competitive prices and services.

MOT requirement

You can check out if your MOT is required or not by checking out the government website and entering in your car registration plate.  It’s is crucial that you are aware of this as if you miss this deadline then you will be liable for a £1,000 fine.  In addition if you are to drive a vehicle that is deemed to be unsafe the maximum penalty can be £2,500 fine plus penalty points on your drivers licence.  In order to help remind you as to when your MOT is due, you can register at the government website your telephone number and email.  Well before the due date they will send you an email and text message giving you greater control over this and avoiding a potentially heft fine.


If your car fails its MOT then it is important to realise the details of why.  Some garages unfortunately do not have a great reputation when it comes to MOTs and will want repairs completed on your car in order to make money from the completion of this task.  When finding a garage to do the MOT ensure that they are fully approved (the 3 triangles logo is a signal of approval) but also that they issue you with a certificate indicating the approval or failure details.  If it has failed you will have time to get these repairs done (as long as these are not safety critical).  We fully recommend that you use this time to shop around and get the best deal from a reputable dealer as some MOT garages will be complacent and quote high prices as your car is already with them.  Generally the dearest garages will be ones connected to the brand i.e. specific Ford, Audi etc garages.  Also ensure that for any repairs you are aware of the warranty conditions connected to them.

What’s the deal with pre owned Mercedes-Benz cars?

The Mercedes-Benz corporation can trace its history all the way back to Karl Benz now this man was an important man because he was the creator of the first gasoline powered vehicle. This was quite an amazing feat of engineering especially for its time it was truly a revolutionary thing, the vehicle was called the “Benz patent motorwagen” this marvelous feat of german engineering was patented in 1886. Ever since those prodigious beginnings the Mercedes-Benz corporation has been striving to bring forth a quality product that is above average so that the standard can be raised each time, forward on and on, on a march towards excellence they have been pushing the envelope since day one. Mercedes-Benz has stayed true to themselves from the get go, their dedication to their work is truly inspirational, just like their motto says “the best or nothing” and truly they have been working towards that one singular goal they have stayed true to themselves and throughout their rich history they have made more innovations to the modern vehicle than any other company has. These changes that they have made have now become features that are considered standard in most automotive vehicles. Since the beginning Mercedes-Benz has been known for their high quality vehicles and the durability that these have.

The Mercedes-Benz dealership at woodlands Texas is your one stop shop for luxury vehicles in the area, through convenience and experience they will help you out in purchasing both new and used Mercedes-Benz models. don’t forget that at the Mercedes Benz of the woodlands they don’t just offer new Mercedes-Benz vehicles they also have a part in reselling used or preowned Mercedes-Benz vehicles they will also help you finance them so that your car buying experience is as comfortable timely and hassle free as possible, so if you’re looking to get a Mercedes-Benz you should definitely already have been talking to them in addition their prices are both fair and affordable especially when taking into account their pre owned vehicles which are very cheap by comparison to brand new one.

Always remember that the maintenance packages that can be gotten when purchasing a new or pre owned Mercedes-Benz vehicle the packages that are sold can help you save money the reason for this is because in buying the maintenance packages include things from your routine maintenance to yearly check ups if you want to inquire further about the Mercedes-Benz at woodlands packages you should contact them directly so that they themselves can tell what these packages entail. You should know that because they sell pre owned packages it is important the folks at woodlands Mercedes-Benz that your car stays in great shape so that the car will never leave you stranded somewhere. So contact them and inquire you will be surprised at how well their customer service representatives will treat you and how much information they can give you about both the cars new and pre owned Mercedes to the packages to protect said vehicles.

Mercedes benz latest models

Mercedes benz traces its history all the way back to Karl Benz this man was the creator of the first petrol powered vehicle which in its time was a revolutionary thing, the vehicle was called the “Benz patent motorwagen” this vehicle was patented in 1886 ever since these miraculous beginnings the mercedes benz corporation has been striving forward on and on, on a march towards excellence they have pushing the envelope since day one. Mercedes benz has stayed true to themselves from the get go, just like their motto says “the best or nothing” and truly they have been working towards this they have stayed true to themselves and throughout their rich history they have made more innovations to the modern vehicle than any other company. Those changes that they have made have become features that are now considered standard in most automotive vehicles. Since the beginning mercedes benz has been known for their high quality vehicles and the durability that these have.

Now some of mercedes benz’s latest models available for mercedes benz are the new 2017 mercedes benz AMG GT S with navigation this model comes with, a V8 engine, it’s got a standard 7 speed automatic shifter, a rear wheel drive drivetrain average miles per gallon are 22 miles in the highway and 16 in the city. Another good new option is the 2017 mercedes-benz C class C63 this sedan comes equipped with an AMG 6.2 liter V8 SMPI DOHC 32 V, it has an excellent 7 speed automatic transmission as well as a rear wheel drive drivetrain, this particular model of mercedes benz gets 24 miles per hour on the highway and about 18 miles per gallon in the city. These are just two of the new kinds of vehicles that are being offered at the mercedes benz of the woodlands but don’t forget that at the mercedes benz of the woodlands they don’t just offer new mercedes benz vehicles they also have a part in reselling used or preowned mercedes benz vehicles so if you’re looking to get a mercedes benz you should seriously consider them and their prices are both fair and affordable.

The reason why you should choose the mercedes benz of the woodlands is that their dedicated staff truly are experts and knowledgeable of anything mercedes benz related and on top of that their inventory is always well stocked with new and popular models of mercedes benz. Remember that if you wish to take advantage of the safety repair options at the mercedes benz of the woodlands that is always an option.. Mercedes benz vehicles are luxury vehicles and as such their repairs can be quite costly on account they have to be imported luckily for you if you get one of the safety packages that the mercedes benz of the woodlands offers you can curb some of that price especially on vehicle maintenance, you can also cut on repair costs. So remember if you need to purchase a new or preowned mercedes benz vehicle you should contact the mercedes dealership of the woodlands.

What Options do you have for Choosing Suitable Used Car?

Used cars have been largely popular with the people, who cannot afford to buy new cars. The ever-increasing prices of the new cars and various models have forced people to look for used cars in Mumbai. Moreover, the people would prefer buying a used car, if it happens to be their first car. It would provide them ample of driving experience in the busy roads of Mumbai. In event of the car enduring some scratches due to heavy traffic in Mumbai, people would not mind the at all. It would hurt a little, but not as much as a dent or scratch on a new car.

What are the options?

In case, you have been searching for used cars in your city, you would have plenty of options available. You could look forward to buy a used car from various used car markets. However, you would be required to go to the used car market for buying a car of your choice. It would be a hassle for you, as you would be required to go to various used car markets for buying yourself a used car. It would be time-consuming, as you would be required to take time out of your busy schedule. You might not be able to find the right car in a single visit. Moreover, you would be required to visit different used car selling websites.

What should you look for in the website?

When you search for used cars on the used cars selling website, you should take utmost care. The information provided on the website would be of great use to you, as you would be able to know about the car. The information you collect from the website would provide you some idea about the kind of car you look forward to buying. You would have requisite information on the car, which would help you decide which car to buy. The website would offer you an overview on the make and model of the car. You would be able to choose between petrol and diesel variant.

Mostly, the used car-selling website offers the buyer with an option of choosing between various models and make. The website would also be able to provide you with an option to choose your price range. You would have the option of choosing your car according to your budget and requirements. Choose the best website in order to choose the best car.

Rough and Tough – Permeable Pavers

Constructions sites are exciting, with their promise of future development and prosperity. But they can be a pretty messy place as well, especially when heavy vehicles are kicking up dirt and gravel all over the place. Using traditional concrete and asphalt can lead to cracking, sinkholes, and potholes that can be dangerous and damaging to vehicles and workers. Newer Permeable Pavers can let you have the stability you need for larger vehicles, while still remaining an affordable solution for your parking woes.

Permeable Pavers are plastic sheets make up of circular holes that are traditionally filled with dirt, gravel, grass, or other non-hardening agents. They trap and keep the particulate substance of your choice in place, meaning that you won’t have to worry as much about erosion, loss of material, and damage to property. Unlike traditional paving, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the material, dealing with the water runoff (permeable pavers allow water to pass through them and soak into the soil underneath), or costly repairs if part of it collapses. It also helps with heat mitigation, meaning that your parking lot isn’t going to turn into a griddle on those hot summer days.

Another added benefit of using permeable pavers is that they are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, meaning that every square foot of paver you put down is a decrease of plastics that are put into landfills. Now, don’t worry about the strength and rigidity of these pavers, because when you place the dirt or gravel into the circular structure of the paver, the weight of the vehicles travelling over it is transferred into that material, not directly into the plastic. But even without being filled these plastic pavers can withstand up to 6800 psi of pressure, so they’ll be able to handle whatever you throw at them.

These pavers are a lot less expensive than traditional paving solutions, and after you’ve installed them, they’re virtually maintenance free. If you have a concrete layer on the ground and it breaks or cracks, if you want to repair it you have to destroy the concrete around it, re-pour the concrete, and then that section, depending on how it was poured, may still be weaker that the surrounding concrete because of the differing cure times. That’s not a problem with the plastic permeable pavers. If, for some reason (and you’ll have to try really hard) one of these pavers breaks, all you have to do is dig it up, put another one in its place, and fill it with gravel again. Easy peasy.

Permeable Pavers may not be the best solution for every parking lot or driveway in the country, but if you’re doing hard work and need a surface that’s going to work just as hard as you do, then permeable pavers are definitely worth a look. They last longer, are easier to install, and they certainly can take a beating. Talk to your local contractor today to see if permeable pavers are a feasible solution for your parking problems, today!

Save your Hard-Earned Money when Buying a New Car

Buying a brand new car is considered a huge decision for any medium class family. The money involved in buying a brand new car could shake the budget of any middle class family. A couple of years back, buying a car was taken to be a status symbol. Nonetheless, with changing times, purchasing a dream car has become a requirement for various small family units. It caters you with the freedom of traveling together with your family on vacations or holidays. You do not have to wait in long queues in anticipation of local transport for commutation. People have the option of traveling on their own, when they have their own car.

Buying New Car

Thinking of Buying a New Car

Buying a brand new car needs appropriate planning and research. It needs plenty of hard-earned money to buy a brand new car. Buying a new car is a great investment. A single wrong move would make you end under financial burden for future. Your plan to buy a new car has to be a perfect plan. No mistake can be afforded with such a big investment. You have to plan your car purchase wisely. You have to keep in mind your capability to repay loan amount in painless monthly installments. Car loans are deemed to be secured loans. Your inability to repay full loan amount could result in losing your dream car forever. Your capability to make the correct decision would assist you in saving plenty of money and availing you a suitable car deal.

Buying a New Car

Compare Different Car Prices

Saving cash on your brand new car would engage comparison of different car prices available in the car market. Due to increasing competition in the car arena, a plethora of car manufacturers has started developing cars for users in the medium segment. The latest cars in the market are released with cutthroat prices. A comparison between various car prices would aid you in determining the one that falls within your dream list and pocket. You can select few models and brands to make a detailed research on their features, maintenance costs, hidden costs, insurance fee and registration. Moreover, keep in mind the different listed pricing factors related to the car. Your chances of getting a good deal on your desired car would increase with the amount of necessary information you would gather on the car.

car Buying Compare Prices

Different Deals Available on Cars

Different car-manufacturing companies have introduced a plethora of deals and discounts when you purchase their cars. Keep your eye open for special deals. You would be able to save a significant amount of money by making use of special deals. These deals and discount offers could be viewed on various TV advertisements and newspapers. A range of promotional offers can also be seen to attract prospective customers.

Available on Cars

Offers on Car Loans and Insurance Deals

Various insurance companies have been feeling the heat in the automobile industry. As a result, different insurance companies would offer car loans with rewarding deals. These deals entail affordable interest rates and a plethora of discount offers. The money saved on car purchase could be utilized on enhancing the look of your Toyota Corolla.

car Buying Loans

Automotive Spray Fresh paint Guns

Automotive spray fresh paint guns can be used as a variety of items like painting a wall or perhaps your house, but mostly they are utilised within the automotive niche for vehicle painting.

Automotive spray fresh paint guns may cost less than a hundred dollars, but professional spray fresh paint guns could cost greater than $ 500, so before you purchase it make certain for which type of reasons you intend for doing things. If you may want utilize it only once, for painting your vehicle, than better solution is always to use a car repair shop and allow the professionals to complete the job. For the reason that situation you’d spend (if you’re searching for regular fresh paint job) almost the equivalent money because the average price of fresh paint job is all about from 300 to $ 500 and also you will not lose your time and effort with painting by yourself. However in the alternative situation, whenever you expect to do multiple vehicle fresh paint jobs and perhaps planning to become professional amateur painter or maybe more, than you should purchase a spray gun because it is among the most significant tools for vehicle painting.

For automotive painting beginners perfect gun is high volume, low pressure spray gun, known as HVLP in a nutshell. It’s efficient, less harmful for your health insurance and less harmful for that atmosphere within the comparison to other people. Next, you’ll have to choose from siphon-feed and gravity-feed. Siphon-feed spray guns store their fresh paint supply underneath the nozzle while gravity-feed spray guns do quite contrary because they store their fresh paint supply over the nozzle. Gravity feed airbrushes possess some advantages within the siphon feed airbrushes because they spray softer, mainly because they do not depend on air pressure to obtain fresh paint towards the needle. They will use the majority of the fresh paint, because there’s no left towards the bottom from the container and ultimately the look causes it to be simpler for all of us to move in tight places.

When you’re selecting a sprig gun another essential key to do is to find the tip size. Tips vary from about 1.3 mm to two. mm. The bigger the end, the heavier the fresh paint it is made for. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll most likely choose a spray gun having a single tip. Then you’ll have to select a factor known as an aura compressor. Take one which meets the needs of the spray gun. Clearly, you will have to element in air compressor specs when you’re selecting your spray gun. Spray guns are ranked by cubic ft each minute (CFM) in a given psi. Select a gun that doesn’t demand excessive CFM or psi, which means you will not need to purchase another world-class air compressor just to maintain it.

Automotive Clutch Alternative Tips – Dos and Do nots

Getting spent many years in technical support having a company that sells manual transmissions, I’ve spoken with lots of clients which have renedered clutch installation mistakes that cost them very much when it comes to time, money and frustration. These pointers derive from my knowledge about what’s frequently overlooked with a novice that’s setting up a brand new clutch. This information is NOT an alternative to a great auto repair manual that’s specific towards the vehicle you’re focusing on! If these tips contradict the data inside your service manual, stick to the service manual rather.

Tip Number One: Lube in most the best places (and no wrong places!) Place an easy coat of grease around the pilot tip from the input shaft as well as on the collar the release bearing 35mm slides on. Wipe a really light coat of oil around the input shaft splines to avoid rust. Make sure NOT have any grease around the flywheel, the clutch disc, or even the pressure plate.

Tip Two: Possess the flywheel resurfaced, regardless of how good it appears. It just costs a couple of dollars, and the chance of needing to take away the transmission again due to a chattering clutch isn’t well worth the money you may save.

Tip Three: Switch the pilot bearing or bushing. Without having a unique pilot bearing puller tool, some service manuals instruct you to definitely take away the old bearing by packing the cavity behind the bearing with grease and taking advantage of a wood dowel or old input shaft they are driving that old one out. I’ve discovered that rather than grease you should use play dough, silly putty, or perhaps some old bread, with equal or better results and way less mess!

Tip Number 4: Don’t pressure anything! When the transmission will not slide completely to the back from the bellhousing, don’t draw the transmission to the bellhousing by tightening the transmission to bellhousing bolts. I can not let you know the number of damaged mounting ears and broken pilot bearings I’ve come across! When the transmission won’t slide completely to the bellhousing, then your clutch disc is misaligned or even the input shaft isn’t starting the pilot bearing since the transmission reaches an position. Do this: Install or reattach the clutch linkage, after which possess a assistant depress the clutch pedal slightly when you wiggle the transmission around to have it aligned. Once the clutch disc is launched, it’ll move to ensure that you will get the transmission aligned using the pilot bearing. I fought against having a transmission to have an hour once before I figured of the, after which it required about five seconds after i were built with a assistant strike the clutch pedal!

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