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Why Hire a Car Service for Your Company

By Hagal Adam • June 25, 2018


Providing company cars is still a popular incentive in many businesses today. This is in spite of the costs involved with such an investment. …

Advantages of Quality Taxi Services in London

By Hagal Adam • May 15, 2018


Gone are the days when you needed to rely on the famous traditional London Taxi’s to get you from A to B.  With many …

Tips for Car MOT Awareness

By Hagal Adam • April 28, 2018


When it is time for your car to go for a MOT, it’s important you are aware of the regulations around this that are …

What’s the deal with pre owned Mercedes-Benz cars?

By Hagal Adam • February 25, 2017


The Mercedes-Benz corporation can trace its history all the way back to Karl Benz now this man was an important man because he was the …

Mercedes benz latest models

By Hagal Adam • February 24, 2017


Mercedes benz traces its history all the way back to Karl Benz this man was the creator of the first petrol powered vehicle which …

What Options do you have for Choosing Suitable Used Car?

By Hagal Adam • October 7, 2016

Used cars have been largely popular with the people, who cannot afford to buy new cars. The ever-increasing prices of the new cars and …

Rough and Tough – Permeable Pavers

By Hagal Adam • September 27, 2016


Constructions sites are exciting, with their promise of future development and prosperity. But they can be a pretty messy place as well, especially when …

Save your Hard-Earned Money when Buying a New Car

By Hagal Adam • May 19, 2015

car Buying Loans

Buying a brand new car is considered a huge decision for any medium class family. The money involved in buying a brand new car …

Automotive Spray Fresh paint Guns

By Hagal Adam • April 17, 2014

Automotive Spray

Automotive spray fresh paint guns can be used as a variety of items like painting a wall or perhaps your house, but mostly they …

Automotive Clutch Alternative Tips – Dos and Do nots

By Hagal Adam • March 14, 2014

Automotive Clutch Alternative

Getting spent many years in technical support having a company that sells manual transmissions, I’ve spoken with lots of clients which have renedered clutch …