What funeral plan is right for you?

Selecting the appropriate funeral plan for you or a loved one can be a very important choice to make.  Funerals are not cheap and it can be a shock when a loved one passes away where you may not have the correct level of funds put away.  If you put money away for your own funeral then this is a way to ensure that the burden of finding money is not put on your immediate family and everything is taken care of.  There are many different companies out there that offer these sort of services and if you are considering this option then take some time out to go on the internet and explore funeral plans to see what options are there for you.  Here are some guidance points on how to choose a funeral plan:

  • What are you looking for in the funeral?  A lot of people have a clearly defined type of funeral that they want which may include big venues, different religious elements or specific activities that was close to them.  Even the cost of a casket is very expensive depending on the type you want.  A lot of the time people define these exact requirements in a Will document however in advance a lot of the personal requests are given to the funeral company direct.
  • Monthly payment plans?  Depending on what you are looking for, you can set up monthly payment plans in advance in order to get the overall cost covered.  These can be worked out directly with the funeral director company.  This doesn’t have to be the way you pay this – if you have the money, you could choose to pay this lump sum in advance.
  • Shop around – Believe it or not there are many different companies out there that will quote specifically for you like a comparison site.  Generally you need to define to them exactly what you are looking for and they will give you a list of prices back.  A lot of the time, this is easier to be communicated via phone or even in person if you get a company that you are happy with.  Communicating via email can sometimes get lost in translation and the specifics and detail you are looking for may be better conveyed in person.
  • Reviews – The internet is a very powerful source of information a good to get reviews on specific companies.  You can use this to get customer reviews of specific companies and their star rating.  In addition to this, sometimes word of mouth goes a long way.  When people have had a good, reasonable, high quality service for a loved one from a funeral director company, they will recommend to others.  Ask your family and friends.
  • Additional family members – Although generally people have funeral plans for themselves they can do this for their family members.  They may wish to do this as a whole package i.e. their spouse and children so that this is a worry no-one ever needs to have.

Selecting the Appropriate Windsock for your use

Generally when people think of windsocks they have a filtered view of this orange cone looking shape flying from a large pole in the direction of the wind.  This may be true however there are lots of different types of windsocks that you need to be aware of for different types of reasons.  Clearly the size, quality and costs of these will vary throughout therefore before making a purchase for this product type we highly recommend that you shop around the internet and look at different sellers.  Here are some of our observations of types:

Economy Windsock

Although these will vary in quality these are more suited for temporary use.  Generally these are water repellent and snap on to the pole.  Perfect for maybe a temporary air show event or similar.  The price of one of these is generally around £50 – £80.

Premium Economy Windsock

These are made with 200gsm of polyurethane wit really awesome quality and resistant tear strength.  They are also 100% water resistant.  These are designed for permanent use and durability plays an important factor here.  This windsock is suitable for almost any aviation event and has a harness type snap on option for ease of use and detachment.  The price of these is typically around £70- £100 each.

There are many additional Windsocks for sale online where you can see a comprehensive list of what is on offer.

Before making any purchase we recommend the following:

  • You avoid sites like Amazon and Ebay.  Have a read of the customer reviews in these sites connected to Windsock sales.  If you are looking at Ebay and second hand ones then be very careful to ensure that the seller is selling good quality.  Some of these items are subject to tearing and damage therefore you could end up receiving a faulty gift.  If you have looked at Amazon then be sure not only to read the customer reviews but also the hidden charges connected to shipping these to your home address.  These sometimes heavy and large items which could lead to some excessive delivery charges.  Amazon sometimes does not advertise this well and its only when you are going to pay for your item, you will see some additional money added for the courtesy of getting this delivered to your home or work address.
  • Shop around – We suggest that once you have scoped out exactly what you are looking for that you shop around and see what differs in prices and quality.  There are many retailers where customer reviews are readily available in order for you to get some additional feedback.
  • Guarantee – Whether or not you are buying this item from brand new or used or from Amazon or a manufacturer, you should take special care to read the terms and conditions of sale connected to faulty goods.  This would also include any Windsock that got damaged far too quickly once you have erected it to the pole.

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Hidden Benefits of Trampolining

Trampolining can not only be fun but have some great health benefits.  It’s something that you may not have thought about because it is an enjoyable activity – but we have listed some of them below.  There are other advantages to this as well which we have mentioned. So, if you aren’t already trampolining – you may want to start.

Improve your Cardiovascular Health

Trampolining is kind of an aerobic exercise, it can have great cardiovascular health benefits.  This means that in terms of this type of exercise as opposed to jogging, you need more oxygen to move.  As you are moving up and down regularly and on a surface that is flexible – this means you are also less likely to get any injuries on your knees, ankles or hips.

It Helps with Co-ordination and Coordination

This is particularly beneficial for children.  If they don’t have great coordination – this is probably one of the best things that they can do including cycling.  If they do it regularly – you should see a change fairly quickly.  There are some great trampoline parks out there that will make the experience fun for them.  The are less expensive than you would think, and it could end up a fun day out.

It Builds Confidence

If you have a child that can be a little shy when it comes to sporting activities, then trampolining can be a great start to building that confidence.  It is less intimidating as other sporting activities such as football, or tennis – so a good way to introduce kids to sport.  It can end up being a motivation to get them more involved in sports in general.

It’s a Fun Form of Exercise

Exercising is something that a lot of people dread.  But trampolining is a little different.  It’s an exercise that you are more likely to enjoy and stick with.  Research also shows that when people perceive a physical activity as exercise they are more likely to eat more after they have finished.  This is usually because they are less satisfied after their workout is done and more tired.  Since people view trampolining as a fun activity – they are likely to eat less.

Better Bone Density

Bouncing on a trampoline regularly is strenuous – and can put your bones under small amounts of repeated pressure.  Every bounce you do is equal to twice that of gravity.  This means that over time it will strengthen your bones and decrease the risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis or brittle bone disease.

As you can see there are lots of benefits of trampolining and no doubt some of them you haven’t thought of before. If you didn’t already have an activity to enjoy, or you are looking to get your child involved in more sports – then try a trampoline!

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Keeping the Commonwealth Star in the Case of Statehood

For more than 100 years ago, dating back to 1908, the seventh point on the Commonwealth Star has represented all Australian resident not residing inside one of the six founding states. The history behind this flag is more than enough to invalidate the idea of changing it if the Northern Territory were to become a state. No matter what might happen to Australia’s borders in the future, this is one change that will cause too much of an expense and disruption to the populous to be a good idea.

In just a few months, the 116th birthday of the flag will be celebrated with the start of Australian National Flag Day on September 3rd. Its design is a combination of elements that remain the same today as they were at first conceptualization in 1901, but many wonder if by Flag Day of 2018 whether an eight-pointed Commonwealth Star can still be featured. Maintaining the status quo has a number of practical reasons, and there is no historical record that might show a reason for any sort of national flag changes.


Remember, Australia’s flag was the very first to be selected with the help of an open public design competition, making it a unique piece of history not found anywhere else in the world. Just months after Federation in 1901, the freshly formed Commonwealth government encourages its residents to “have a go” at designing a flag the entire populous could feel pride when flying. An enormous number of people chose to enter, with nearly one percent of the Australian population at the time sending in their designs.

With more than 33,000 designs entered into the competition, it then became a matter of working through them all for a list of the best. Imagine thousands and thousands of designs, each often featuring local flora and fauna and famous animals, and all of them pouring in over the course of a few months. The winner was revealed on September 3rd, 1901, at the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, and that flag has disappeared and not been found since.

Officially claimed as the winning design in 1903 by the Commonwealth Gazette, there is now a nationwide hunt by Allan Pidgeon from Brisbane for this missing piece of Australian history. Rather than changing the old design and causing great expenses and unrest, it might be better to return the original design and original flag to its rightful place. Now that there are a number of Australian territories to consider, one must take all opinions into account.

The Seventh Point

Originally given six points, the Commonwealth Star is a feature meant to indicate the six states that together form the Commonwealth. However, the addition of a sixth point is meant to represent all those Australian citizens who do not live within the borders of one of those states but rather in a territory. Rather than adding more points or otherwise changing the flag, this point is a clear indication that all Australian citizens are represented with the current design, thus making the need for any changes irrelevant and completely unnecessary.

Invest More in Online Pokies

Pokies are gambling machines that easily provide hours of entertainment. Playing the pokies, or poker machines, is suspenseful because you do not know what will happen next. It is fun when you win and fun even when you lose. Find out more information about pokies and a few ways you could win more at this game.

Pokies are gambling machines

The Basics of Poker Machines

Pokies are machines found in various numerous pubs and clubs in Australia. Nowadays, you will find many of these machines online. You are supposed to pull a lever and get several matches in a row. On the screen, you must match two or more combinations of symbols based on films, people and animals. All of these spins are accompanied with fancy sounds, bold themes and bright colours.

First, the player has to insert money or tickets into the slot. Traditional models have you pull the lever to start playing, but newer models have you push buttons on a touchscreen. No real skill is required to win at these games – the results are based mostly on luck.

Basics of Poker Machines


Many online pokies come with bonus features. When two or more symbols are matched, bonuses are given out. These rewards could be free spins or credits that encourage you to play more.


Helpful Tips

One very helpful tip is to start making small bets. Test out the performance of the pokey first. Sometimes, you can tell if the machine is going through good or bad cycles.

Another tip is to bet different amounts. The amounts of your winnings depend on the amounts of your bets. You might want to keep track of your bets to see if you can manipulate the machines.

If you are new to pokies, start by gambling on websites. In fact, the online pokies are more popular because the benefits are greater. Since websites are cheaper to run than actual casinos, the sites have more money to give their players. These high payouts are good incentives to keep the players interested.

Helpful Tips

Your best bet is to gamble as much as possible on these machines. The more you play, the more experienced you become over time. This experience helps you know what to expect and increase your chances of winning. Look through the hundreds of pokey games provided on Australian sites, and choose the ones that appeal to you the most.

The best tip of all is to dispel the myths about poker machines. Some people think that after playing for hours and hours on pokies, they are more likely to win. That is simply not true. There is no guarantee that you will win as the game is based on pure luck. You simply have to manage your bets well.

Pokies are exciting yet unpredictable. Do not always expect to walk away a winner after playing a few rounds at pokies. You could stay up all night betting on these addictive machines. Pokies are extremely popular in online casinos all over the world. Get the best online pokies Australia can offer at Red Flush.

The Traits of Good Melbourne Funeral Directors

Oftentimes, it’s difficult for a consumer to navigate the murky straits of funeral services. You’re overcome with grief, and the last thing you want to worry about is cost or specifications. Funeral homes are family-run businesses. This means their leadership is often singularly autonomous. In a city like Melbourne, for example, you want to look for a funeral parlour with the right leader and right service to match. Searching for a Melbourne funeral directors involves great instincts and seasoned know-how. There a several qualities you want to look for in the ideal match for you and your family when making funeral arrangements.

A Service with History

You never want to trust in a service that you’ve never heard of. Unknown services aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be of low-quality. However, the longer a service has been around, the more likely it’s a good one. Funeral services with rich history typically have greater amenities as well. Greater amenities mean you’ll have a lot more options to choose from when you plan the service for your loved one.

Service with History

A company with long history depends on a solid track record to survive and advance onward into the future. Any good funeral director will be more than happy to provide you with their business’ entire service history.

Totally Transparent

When you speak with a director, a good trait to look for is transparency. Funeral services can often cost a lot of money, and funeral directors capitalize on this fact. Some directors are extremely ethical, but for-profit businesses sometimes blur the line between right and wrong. This means even the most reputable service could overcharge or withhold all of their pricing information.

Totally Transparent

If a service director provides all of his pricing and invites you to speak with actual customers, it’s a sign he has nothing to hide. Agreeing to a contract with a director is a locked-in situation. You don’t want to unknowingly commit to a lousy deal.

Someone with Compassion

When you speak to a director, play close attention to their demeanour. You don’t want a director that treats your loved one’s funeral like it’s some sort of cash-grab. You want to find a director that actually respects the sanctity of life. This aspect of the selection process is often instinctual, but there are certain signs to look for specifically.

Someone with Compassion

If they are with you at each stage of the service selection process and they ask about your loved one’s life, it’s a sign they have genuine interest. You want someone that treats the funeral for your loved one as if it was for their own family. Funeral services that treat each customer like they’re one of their own should be the strongest candidates when planning your service.

Considering a funeral director is the embodiment and sole controller of their business, you never want a service that exhibits any of the unsavoury behaviour previously described. This is a difficult time in your life, but there’s no question you will triumph past it with a solid director right beside you.