Top Reasons Why Escape the Room Games are Highly Addictive

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, addiction refers to the repeated involvement with a certain activity. Today, there are so many activities that people get addicted to. One example is games, and we’re not just referring to online games but also those that are done in a physical environment.

You’ve probably heard about an Escape the Room Game from your friends or perhaps, you’ve already tried it yourself. The game first started in Japan, but it has now made its way to the UK. Thousands of people in the country have tried playing this game.

The rules are simple, you will be locked in a room for an hour and your only goal is to escape. You must solve puzzles, gather clues, open locks and complete other challenges to get out. Do you ever wonder why it’s addictive and why people pay to get locked in a room for an hour?

An adrenalin rush

Who doesn’t love an adrenalin rush from time to time? Adrenalin is also called stress hormones, released by the body to activate a heightened state of awareness. It helps you get out of a dangerous situation. In the case of locked-out games, you are not really in danger. However, most of the game scenarios feel and look so real that you’re tricked into turning on your fight or flight mode. Don’t worry, the adrenalin rush isn’t a long-term thing, and once it subsides, you will definitely feel fulfilled.

Improves critical thinking

You’re stuck in a room, and someone is calling out from the outside. She is in dire need of your help. The only way you can help her is to get out. The only problem is you only have one hour to figure out an escape plan. Do you think you can successfully get out? This is just one of the many situations you will face in a locked-out game.

Thanks to all the puzzles and mental challenges, you can surely sharpen your critical thinking skills when you play the locked-out game. The puzzles will definitely require you to think of various approaches. You might need to do a few trials before you can get it right. They will also challenge you to improve your visual-spatial reasoning.

Brings out your leadership skills

Apart from boosting brain function and adrenalin release, locked-out games will help you bring out your leadership instinct. Escape games are better played by bigger groups. If you do it with your friends or family, you will definitely have to act, think and behave as a team to finish the challenges on time.

Gives you happy vibes

Ever solved a difficult puzzle? Apart from relief, what else did you feel? Solving a puzzle can definitely lift up one’s spirits. The same is true when you decode a secret message, find missing items, understand the clues and find the keys to unlock the room. Best of all, won’t you feel happy when you get out of the room just in time?

If you have not tried these games yet, try finding one in your city. The UK boasts exciting locked-out rooms where you can unleash your inner Sherlock. Don’t forget to bring along your friends for maximum enjoyment!