Vinpocetine – How to Get Best Results from this Nootropic Supplement

Vinpocetine is one of the well known nootropic supplements, which is generally recommended for improving our memory power, increasing focus and protect our brain. Vinpocetine is extracted from periwinkle plant, which is used for 100 years as a medicine. People also use this supplement as tonic for old age, curing bleeding gums, mouth sores and many other ailments.

These days, students consume this nootropic for enhancing their learning power, improving concentration and short term recall. People also can increase their pleasure in daily activity with its consumption. Lets us review this nootropic in this short article.

Vinpocetine Nootropic Supplement

Basic information about this supplement

In the year 1975, Vinpocetine was extracted from periwinkle plant. In Hungary it was discovered that Vinpocetine provides lot of improvement in our brain function due to circulatory effects of Vinpocetine without any major side effect. The mass production of Vinpocetine started in the year 1978 in a major pharmaceutical company in Hungary.

Today, Vinpocetine is also available in the USA through drug, food, and mass market retailers. People in all other European countries are using this supplement for pretty long time. Most of the doctors think that this supplement is much more effective for improving our brain power as compared to many other supplements available in the market, as it can work in our system much more quickly

Many doctors also recommend this supplement for Alzheimer’s disease and also age related memory loss problem. Besides that it can enhance mental clarity, focus and can help improving our alertness.

Vinpocetine Results

How to Use Vinpocetine

If you read the review about Vinpocetine in different forums, you will find most of them speak very highly about this supplement. However, there are few groups of people, who claim that after consumption of this supplement they feel quite tired and also it does not bring any positive results on them as claimed by many others.

As per doctors recommendation this supplement must be taken somewhere between 10 to 50 mg within a day. You can take it along with food or also without food. However the supplement will be most effective if you split it in smaller dose and take 5 to 10 mg about 2 to 4 times in a day.

To start with, you must start with smaller dose and then observe the effect. Thereafter, you can increase the dosage based on the observation. Lots of things are depended on individual’s body resistance.